Zoe Young (Epic Records) has worked her way up both the creative chain of command and the charts to establish herself as one of today’s most prominent A&Rs. Best known for developing and breaking French Montana, Zoe is the mastermind behind up-and-coming and established talent alike, including Blac Youngsta, Trina, DDG, BIA,  and more.

After moving from Jamaica to Miami, FL, Young began her career early with renowned hit-maker Scott Storch and his manager Derek Jackson. Storch and Jackson ushered the 19 year-old into the world of A-list talent, liaising between the top label executives, artists, and producers. Storch’s tutelage empowered Young to branch off and approach French Montana. Immediately struck by his talent, vision, and drive, Young was instantly drawn to French, who in turn embraced her creative insight and business prowess. Zoe’s work developing French Montana caught the attention of many labels, but it was LA Reid and Epic Records who prevailed with the winning bid, bringing Young to the organization which she helps lead to this day.

Young left her life on the east coast to pursue her vision in LA, diving headfirst into a battle against sexism and status quo, embracing a toughness that rivals the rappers she works with. She would often find herself walking into a big session in which she is the only woman in the room, confidently wearing her talent and asserting her business savvy, disarming old guard skeptics. A commanding session presence, Zoe drops the politics and keeps the team focused on the only thing that matters: the music. Her tenacity and work ethic have earned the industry’s respect on top of hits on hits, notably French Montana’s 5x Platinum “Unforgettable.” Young is actively developing Blac Youngsta, whose debut album 2.23 dropped at the top of 2018, securing his first billboard chart entry for its debut single “Booty.” Pre-polished perfection is less interesting to Young than raw talent, a vision, and a story. Currently on a mission for undiscovered talent, she launched “WhenZoeYourA&R” to give everyone a chance to be the next musical phenomenon.

Young’s maverick rise ushers in an era of disruption in the music industry. Eclipsing several of her male counterparts, Zoe is a role model for aspiring young women; her successful journey speaks for itself. And it’s far from over.

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