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One of today's most prominent A&R's, Zoë Young has worked her way up both the creative chain of command and today's hit music charts, Best known for developing and breaking French Montana, Zoë is also the mastermind behind up-and-coming and established talent alike, including Trina, Blac Youngsta, BlA, DDG, Bay Swag, and more.Young looks forward to cultivating the next generation of superstar talent and executives in today's new digital age.

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The music industry has a system. Our team can help you navigate it. We offer: Song Review 2 - Week Bootcamp Project Management

As the President of Tha Light Global we have series of offering that can fit artist that are just starting out and other who are in the middle of it.

My vision is to use my decade + experience to empower creatives to take charge of their content, share it with the world and monetize accordingly.

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Course Modules

Which role are you playing? Set goals, figure out what body of work you want to push and what? Create your budget. 

Booking a studio is an art and a business. Learn some of the tricks to the trade when it comes to booking a studio. 

Evaluate what yo are trying accomplish. These are the essentials to organizing recording sessions. Get recording tips, saving sessions and organizing music. 

A project matrix is your biggest key, outlining the proper formula to making sure a hit is accounted for properly. 

There are a plethora of platform out there to release your work on. Learn how to manage each one and make sure you’re building an audience. 

In this module I will teach you how to writing a track list, credits and a matrix. How to promote and continue the process of creating and releasing. 


Entrepreneurship and Entertainment goes hand in hand.
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